Club Rules

NOTE: All shooters/observers must wear ear protection when on the firing line. It is strongly recommended that observers/spectators near the firing line also wear eye protection.

1. Members must be prepared to show their membership card at the range if asked by another member. If you don’t have card you must show your driver’s license. Article 1, paragraph F of the By-Laws.

2. Lock the range gate after entering the range.

3. Automatic/altered weapons are prohibited. This includes any semi-automatic gun altered with a “bump stock”, “Hellfire trigger”, “slide” fire, or any other device system or mechanism which increases the factory rate of fire of the weapon. Also, .50 caliber (BMG) weapons/ammo are prohibited. Exception is black powder weapons. If unsure, contact Range Officer, Stan Capps (620) 741-1125.

4. No shooting in any direction except down range. If range is being mowed, sprayed, or worked on, shooting is to stop until activity is finished (except pistol range). Careless, unsafe, or illegal shooting/gun handling will result in membership suspension, fine, and/or expulsion from club. Article I, paragraph E, Article VI of the By-Laws.

5. Drinking of alcohol while shooting is prohibited.

6. Shooting at stations, benches, and yardages is on a first come basis. Do not let a member wait more than an hour before allowing member his turn.

7. Members may bring guests to the range. However, the member must be present at all times and is responsible for behavior of guests. Article I, paragraph F.