Marksman Rifle and Pistol Club

Club Rules

  • Memberships run from June 1 through May 31. New members are required to show proof of membership in the National Rifle Association to join MRPC, In. Shooting Range. Membership dues are $45.00 annually, to be renewed before June 1 annually. New members are assessed a $50.00 one-time new member fee in addition to the $45.00 annual dues. Annual dues are prorated to a maximum of 50% for those joining later in the dues year. Those wanting to join should use the "Contact Me" button in the upper left corner of the page for further instructions or email for those instructions.

  • Members must be prepared to show their Membership Card at the range if asked by another member. If you don't have your card, you need to show your Drivers License. Refer to Article I, paragraph F.

  • The range gate is to be locked after the member enters the range or while the member is using the range. Leaving the gate open while you are shooting will allow non-members access to the range.

  • Automatic Weapons or guns altered for automatic fire are prohibited. If a member is unsure as to whether their weapon is acceptable, the Range Officer should be contacted.

  • No shooting should be in any direction other than down range towards the target. Before shooting always check the perimeter of the range for people / livestock. If the range is being mowed or sprayed, shooting is to stop (except pistol range) until mowing or spraying is finished. Careless, unsafe and / or illegal shooting and / or gun handling will result in membership suspension and / or expulsion from the club. Refer to Article I, paragraph E. & Article VI.

  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

  • If a member arrives wishing to shoot at the same distance / area / station presently utilized by another member and two shooters cannot shoot at the same time, the FIRST shooter must stop after one hour and allow the second shooter his or her turn.

  • Members may bring quests to the range. However, the member must be present with his guests at all times. The "card carrying" member is responsible for the behavior of his family and guests. Refer to Article I, paragraph F.

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